Sunday, February 14, 2010

Countdown to Greenhouse Time

Tomorrow I'm going into the greenhouse for the first time since fall.   I've spent the evening revising my planting sheets, each of which consists of one week's projected seeding plans.  I have my seeds sorted in Zip-Loc bags according to the planting dates.  By the end of the week the greenhouse will look something like this.  We raise the flats buy putting them on upside-down webbed flats, so air can circulate, so there is less likelihood of fungi and algae.

The flats of filled pots are ready and waiting on the far bench. The seed flats go into a heated chamber (except for those seeds that need cooler conditions.)
This is the middle-sized one of our 3 greenhouses.  We start in this one. Then, as we need more space, we heat the next larger one, then finally the third one.  DH turned on the heat on Saturday. Now watch the gas bills soar.

My other blog will update you on what other activities I have to try to complete before the greenhouse work starts in earnest.