Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daylilies--Better Late than Never

I think daylilies are among my favorite flowers. They usually start in July and bloom for the rest of the summer. The varieties of colors and markings is endless. Since many of my picture labels lost resolution, I will label those that I remember. Actually, it's not letting me insert text by the pictures. Everything gets all mixed up. And I can't make the big gaps disappear. The preview showed everything OK. Maybe next time.

Check out my other blog for garden bounty.

It seems I'm not as committed to the garden blog as I am to the other blog. right now it seems as all there are is weeds, and I don't want to share these anymore. I'm glad I found the daylilies. I'll have to practice Linda's philosophy and carry the camera with me, and learn to really see the beautiful things out there.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pretty Glad

I'm working hard on all the ugly parts of the garden. The hardest thing is choosing the priority. Just for a break, I'll show you my pretty glads.

And the stunning magenta Lychnis Coronaria framed by my Albomarginata hosta.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (and the Very Beautiful)

The Good
The three garden tools that I couldn't do without (besides the common rake, my clippers, and potato-hilling hoe). With the long-handled stirrup hoe I can do the entire garden in about 1 hour, once the garden has been cleaned for the first time.
The little stirrup hoe is for between the plants and the rows. My rows are very close together.
The littlest yellow"Garden Bandit" is for flower beds and flower pots and anywhere I need to precisely get close to plants.
Some More Good

Can't wait to get some of the kale. I have the best Kale soup recipe with Sweet potatoes. Will share later, when I make it.

Remember a previous post with lettuce between the tomato plants? The picture above is the same lettuce, and the same tomato plants.
Great tomatoes (we've eaten lots already) above and below.
The Bad and the Ugly
Notice the quackgrass and clover and lawn grass grown in. This bed can't be round-upped because there are special plants there that deserve to live. They come from special people and have such a survival instinct, I WILL tend to them (after the garden and the sewing and the greenhouse/nursery work).

I can't identify this spot, but it is UGLY. I think it's the raspberries. They're ready. Get the gauntlets out!
Nasty strawberry bed. It was totally clean 3 weeks ago. No word of a lie!
Actually, this is an older -before flowers were planted-picture of the flower patch. Since this picture, it has been dug over, filled with blue petunias and white alyssums, and the weeds look exactly the same.

Another I-don't-know--either a flower bed or the raspberry patch. :0(

Ta-daaaa. And now some Beautiful!!
I think this one is "Gran Cru"


Can't remember.