Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Garden Peeking

I finally got the whole garden (except some flowers) planted.  Those would be finished, too except we've had daily rain.  So I decided to share some before/after shots with you.
The only seeds I plant directly into the garden are carrots, radishes, beets, turnips, peas and beans.  And potatoes, of course--seed potatoes.  Everything else gets a big head start in the greenhouse since I am so late getting into the garden:

This is what the whole garden looked like.  Notice the weeds are growing where veggies ought to be.

 First the onions.  They got a haircut to about 3-4" long.  In front of them are Lemon Gem tagetes marigolds and blue violas.
Next, the cucumber bed:  at the top, are 2 rows of beets and 2 rows of carrots--the carrots interplanted with radishes--no maggots in radishes when planted with carrots, and the radishes will be harvested within a month, leaving lots of room for the carrots.  The center row has snapdragons (see the color?) and dill interplanted with Lemon Gem marigolds which do a great job of keeping the aphids away from the dill.

 Bone meal in the holes which have already been watered 3 times and the soil allowed to drain away (roots follow moisture).
 And a smidge of Epsom salts for magnesium.
Then cover the plants with dry soil so the sun can't wick the moisture out of the ground.
And voilĂ !  an instant cucumber garden.  More snapdragons at the foot of the bed.
Check back in a couple of days, so I can go out and photograph the rest of the garden.
 I even managed to weed some flower beds in the rain, since kneeling on the grass only got my knees wet, not muddy.

See ya later!