Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lycopene, Soluble and Insoluble Fiber and all that other Good Stuff

Five days ago, when SIL came to  put in a new furnace, hot water heater and AC. I picked off the slicing cucumbers.  We like English Cucumbers and also regular slicing cucumbers.  I picked 8 nice ones and a bucket of red tomatoes.

Two days later, I picked 31 cucumbers.

Today, three days later, a pailful again (see photo).  Forgot to count.
Along with a huge zucchini (now where did THAT come from), a pail of lovely potatoes for supper , a pail of corn and another pail of ripe tomatoes.

For lunch we had Bruschetta and a huge Greek salad ( had 3 guests for lunch), for supper we had the potatoes, corn, and sliced cucumbers.  And I gave some to the company to take home.
Life is good.

I find myself saying:  "Now where did that come from?" a lot.  Remember when I so proudly posted that my garden was all weeded (was that already almost a month ago?), well, tomorrow I have to weed it again or I won't be able to find things in the garden.  I took one look at those weeds and said:  "Now where did those come from, when I wasn't looking",  I guess the same powers-that-be that are helping the veggies grow so profusely, also created the weeds.  What's good for one is good for the other.
Life is good.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Bountiful Harvest (Every Day)

We are so blessed to have such bounty.  We harvest every day, and are managing to eat or give away so it doesn't go to waste.  The Lord has sent us enough rain and enough sun and given us these fruits of our labor.  I will bake chocolate Zucchini cakes, Kubota Man will enjoy the hot and sweet banana peppers as snacks.  The tomatoes won't last long since our SIL the plumber is coming to install a new furnace, hot water heater and AC.
Right to left:  turnips, kohlrabi, fresh onions (I use up the small ones first and keep the large ones for storage), sweet snack-y carrots, and a pot of beets for supper.
A nice pot of potatoes for supper too, enough to fry some for tomorrow with fresh parsley.
And Thirty-one Cucumbers--I kid you not.  Day before yesterday I picked 8 and was sure I had got all the larger ones.  These English cucumbers (big stack on left) make good bread and butter pickles, but I'm not making any this year since we have enough left from last year and are watching our sodium intake--so pickles are a rare treat.

If you'd call and come for coffee, I'd share.  The Zucchini cake will be ready in about 2 hours.