Sunday, April 26, 2009

God Knows What He is Doing

Welcome one and all to the "Green Thumb" blog. Pardon for the cliché that I used for the title of the blog, but it seemed so appropriate.

We're busy as can be in the greenhouse, and being short of space, it seems like we're doing work twice, moving things around to keep organized and make space.

I am starting to want to go into the garden to plant my sticks. (still a surprise).

Yesterday I heard a big commotion on the barley field just outside the greenhouse, and this is what I saw: snow geese. Upon my arrival most of them had already flown away. The hill had been white.

This afternoon I looked outside and this is what I saw--and it's not snow geese.

We're dying to make room in the greenhouse by putting hardy plants such as pansies outside, but we can't take a chance. We've gone from over 70 degrees (in the 20's, Celsius) down to below freezing in the space of a few hours. The cool temperature and snow won't kill the plants, but it can freeze the flower buds off, then it takes longer for them to bloom. If it isn't blooming we have a hard time selling it--even with picture tags.
Green Thumb hints:
1. Freeze seeds of the cucumber family (cucumbers, squash, melons) for a few days before planting--better germination, stronger seedlings.

2. If you start your own cucumber family plants or buy them from a nursery, and there are multiple plants in the pot--DO NOT SEPARATE THEM--If the roots are disturbed at all, they will die.

3. Tomatoes--make sure you know if they are "determinate" (bush type) or "indeterminate" (vine or staking type). If you prune a bush tomato you will reduce yield; if you prune a vine type you will get larger fruit. If you don't know, don't prune. More on tomato know-how later.

I pray for permanent spring all over the Northern Hemisphere!!

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  1. I love the title of your blog. It makes me giggle every time I read it! And the snow!!! Looks like springtime in Wyoming. March, April, and the beginning of May were always the worst snow months. Don't miss that!