Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daylilies--Better Late than Never

I think daylilies are among my favorite flowers. They usually start in July and bloom for the rest of the summer. The varieties of colors and markings is endless. Since many of my picture labels lost resolution, I will label those that I remember. Actually, it's not letting me insert text by the pictures. Everything gets all mixed up. And I can't make the big gaps disappear. The preview showed everything OK. Maybe next time.

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It seems I'm not as committed to the garden blog as I am to the other blog. right now it seems as all there are is weeds, and I don't want to share these anymore. I'm glad I found the daylilies. I'll have to practice Linda's philosophy and carry the camera with me, and learn to really see the beautiful things out there.


  1. your gardens look wonderful! I love seeing how the other gardeners make things work together!!! thanks for stopping in today...I am off to have a much needed shower!

  2. hey! thanks for the tips on rooting! It is so windy here right now 80KM winds...just ripped my iron trellis out of the ground! I had to go hide the wooden benches as they were lifting off the will be a miracle if I have anything left after today! good thing I got some photos before it started!

  3. I wish I had that much room to play and garden with!!!