Thursday, September 6, 2012

To Squash or not to Squash

I love zucchini.  The bigger the better.  I love zucchini baking:  Lemon Poppy seed loaves, spice cake, chocolate cake.  I like them stuffed with ground beef, and fried like green tomatoes.  I want to try zucchini lasagna.  Well, DH doesn't like them stuffed (too watery, even though I baked them first).  So when I found a few baby acorn squashes and picked them to allow the bigger ones to mature, I wondered if I dared cook them after the stuffed zucchini effort.  I took off some of the peel, scooped out some of the seeds, cut them into 1" pieces, and sauteed them in light margarine with LOTS of pepper.  He loved these.
Mother Nature sure has it figured out, with our help, to get from this:
 to this:
 to this
 Our one and only pumpkin, but since it's about 20 lbs, that's probably plenty.  Do you see potential Pumpkin Cheesecake here?  (a close cousin to the squashes).
 We have a bounty of Acorn Squashes, but not one Butternut.
 And at least a dozen Spaghetti squashes.  These will go well with sauce from our bounteous tomato crop.
May I interest you in some free Zucchini?

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