Saturday, November 3, 2012

As "Canadian" as Mom's Apple Pie

We got two boxes and a couple of pails of late apples.  So, not to waste, I decided I'd better start sorting them and use up the less-than-perfect ones that won't keep.  So here is my day's effort:  Nutritious Apple crisp--reduced in sugar and minimal butter in the oatmeal crust, and heavy on the cinnamon.
And 6 apple pies--I don't think I ever in my whole life made 6 pies in one sitting.  I used Splenda on the apples, heavy on the cinnamon, and just the teeniest dabs of butter on the apples.
Of course, we can't waste that leftover pie crust, so we must make butter tarts.  there is absolutely nothing redeeming (in a healthy sense) in these.
I also need to pat myself on the back, because all the seed orders are done, and the orders for started plants.  We will be getting black petunias and their yellow/black, pink/black counterparts.  Some lovely new shades of Calibrachaoa (Million Bells) and a whole lot of other fun stuff.
Now it's Christmas knitting time.  You can keep up with this Here.

My green thumb efforts have been to save tomato seeds from an heritage variety "Brookpact", for whom we can't buy seeds any more, as well as remembering to water the few plants I brought in for stock plants--orange mint, peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint, English mint, Spanish Lavender, Cuban Oregano, Stinky Plant (aka Scat plant, Skunk Plant), which is reported to keep cats out of flower beds, Perilla, French tarragon, Creeping Rosemary and Upright Rosemary.

Till next time.

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