Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Preparations and Some Feathery Visitors

We love our feathery friends. The male grosbeak was quite co-operative posing for the photo.
 The female--yellow head, was playing coy in all the shots.
 The male again.  These large birds are members of the Finches.  They look like Common Redpolls on steroids.
 Traditional Shortbread Cookies.
 Austrian tradition "Vanillekipferl"=vanilla crescents.  A hazelnut shortbread made into crescent shapes, dusted with vanilla sugar and icing sugar.
 Pound cakes, cherry cake on the left, baking jellies on the right.

Honey cookies--these have to mellow and soften for a couple of weeks.
Almond Roca, not cut (or broken) into pieces yet.

This is only the beginning.  I put away the Poppy Seed Sugar Cookies already, as well as ginger snaps, a new recipe for cardamom shortbread that I hope improves with age (they are only ok right now--not great).
There is still lots on the baking agenda.  If I could send you the aromas I would do that.

The other blog has the story of a tree-raising.  Drop over.

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