Monday, July 12, 2010

Glimpses of my World

These are just random shots of some of my flower pots ,and garden spots and individual flowers of note.

Cheerful yellow bidens, red-yellow lantana, and a tiny red Ricinus (castor bean).
This spot under the deck overhang (East facing) has been a difficult place to grow a nice flowerbed:  not enough sun for geraniums or pansies, it's a bit raised, so in our Zone, no perennials will winter there ( I tried hostas, and even goatsbeard didn't make it).  The only thing that does well is non-stop begonias, but 22 feet of begonias is expensive, even owning a greenhouse.  So this year I dug it out, put in some chips, and planted dragon-wing begonias, which can stand to be grown somewhat on the dry side.  I have to place some of my mom's garden statuary among them.
Deep salmon Martha Washington Geraniums (aka Regal Geraniums, commonly known as Pansy Geraniums)  With an ever-color-changing solar light.
I love purple and black plants:  The heliotrope, with ornamental black Pepper "The Pearl" and blue bacopa.

My north bed has lots of different-colored hostas, white and pink fernleaf bleeding hearts, lily-of-the-valley, and several different colors of Lamium, as well as one volunteer ostrich fern.
The rock garden has been roughly cleaned this spring, but needs a thorough going-over.  In the bare spot near the foundation on the right, I am planting a Low-Grow Fragrant Sumac
This is my "I wish I had a pond, but I don't want the high maintenance" flower bed.  I plant a variety of blue petunias:  Ultra Blue, Ultra Sky blue, Daddy Blue, Ultra Blue Star, Hulahoop Blue and Celebrity Blue Ice, with white alyssum around the edge.  When it fills out it goes to the bottom of the little boat--fake pond. 
Tidal Wave Petunias (Purple and Silver).  These petunias will fill up to past the top of the foundation, and several inches over the sidewalks.
I can't rmember the name of this lily.  (my book is in the greenhouse).
I zoomed in on this lily, because each flower is only as large as the last joint of my thumb.
Henry Kelsey climbing rose.
John Davis climbing rose.
Iris Germanica-unknown name.
Pink Marshmallow fuchsia--I am told it is the largest fuchsia flower.
And finally, a sweet, aromatic different kind of "Flower".
I hope you enjoyed this little peek. 

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