Monday, April 2, 2012

Almost 2 Years

I have decided to resurrect this blog.  How I intend to use it, is in conjunction with my other blog , for all my greenhouse and garden-ly discussions.
February 15, the greenhouse season starts for us.  We usually plow through drifts of snow at this time, although this year we have had an unusually mild winter.
 These snapshots were taken on March 13.
1.  Baby Non-Stop Begonias
 2.  Baby Zonal Geraniums
 3.  Baby African Marigolds
 4.  Baby Pansies
 5.  Baby Osteospermums
 6.  Baby Calibrachoa (aka Million Bells)
 7.  Fancy Grasses--Pennisetum Rubrum (aka Purple Fountian Grass)
 8.  Little Dracaena (aka Spikes)
 9.  More grasses, Pennisetum Fireworks (pruned by the cats)
 10.  Baby Manettia (aka Candy Corn Vine)
Since then, a lot of growing has taken place and a lot of other plants added. 

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