Thursday, August 23, 2012

Parade of Favorites

Now that my all-time favorite flowers, the daylilies have been revealed (again--I just realized I did that some years ago), here are some more lovelies--be patient with me if this has been done before, but these are THIS YEAR'S:

 Dragon Wing Red begonias,
 Eryngium (sea holly), the most incredible metallic blue,
 Heliotrope (heavenly scent) and Black Pearl ornamental pepper,
 Poor Man's Orchid, pale shade (aka Himalayan Impatiens), related to Jewel Weed.  When ripe, the seed pods explode.
 Center, Joe Pye, to the left, just behind--Sedum Matrona,
 Lychnis Coronaria--the picture doesn't do justice to the deep, rich magenta color of this flower on silver, velvety leaves,
 Pinky Winky Hydrangea--this flower will slowly turn darker and darker pink,
 Another Poor Man's Orchid, darker rose shade,
 Purple Emperor Sedum--leaves almost black,
 Tidal Wave Petunias,
 Yellow Monkshood,
 Ricinus (Castor Bean)--why I don't have moles or gophers in the garden,
This lovely 10-year old Ohio Buckeye (chestnut) drowned in last year's wet weather.  Will have to dig it out and replace it, and hope we don't get flooded again.  Below it to the right--Haskap (honeyberry) bushes.  Wonderful blue tubular berries that taste just like blueberries, very early and very prolific.  We are starting a big patch of these as soon as the weeds there are sprayed.  The lovely little white spot below the tree is Sparky, and the black spot between Sparky and the truck is Dazey.  They are my favorite dogs in the world.

It is really raining today, so tomorrow is not a gardening day--it will be a laundry and reno day--maybe I'll get the bathroom downstairs finished--this report will be on my other blog.  If you haven't visited there yet, you are welcome there, too.

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