Monday, August 20, 2012

Reaping the Bounty I

In the long interval since my last post, everything has grown well, since we had a lot of rain and heat.  So, today I froze half the beans.  We like 4 kinds of beans:  yellow wax, green Romano, yellow Romano and Purple beans.  I froze the yellow ones and the green Romanos today, about 20 lbs., but didn't get pictures. Will do that tomorrow when I finish the others.
Besides the beans, I did 20 more cobs of corn.  I don't freeze whole cobs because they take up too much freezer space, and the blanching/chilling process is very critical or else the corn gets the taste of the core of the cob, so I kernel the corn.  I don't blanch the corn to do this.  I put on a huge pot of corn--way more than we can eat:
How to cook the best corn cobs:  
Place cobs in a pot large enough to cover with cold water.  Bring to the boil.  When it reaches the boiling point it is ready to eat.

After we have eaten our fill, I let the remaining cobs cool in the cooking water (or you could drain and cover with cold water).  When cool enough to handle, use a sharp paring knife to kernel the corn.  I tease out one row of kernels with the tip of the knife. Then the other rows are cut down with a downward motion of the knife, one row at a time.  Nice clean whole kernels.  They are fully cooked, so they can be just reheated.

I stopped bagging the corn (and beans and peas) in individual bags.  I now use the large heavyweight Ziploc freezer bags, put 8 cups in, sqeeze out the air as I zip, then flatten the package out.  It stacks neatly in the freezer, and it is easy to break off as much as I need for the meal or for the soup.

And when the corn freezing is all finished, the window and cupboards will need washing--corn sometimes squirts.

Here is a little  peek at my cold storage room.  Some of these tomatoes are from last year and the year before.  If properly canned, they keep for a long time.

Tomorrow I will finish the beans and do another pot of corn.  Oops, nearly forgot, there are tomatoes and cucumbers to pick, also.

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