Thursday, February 14, 2013

Goji and Figs

We're hoping to get Goji berries this year.
And I've ordered a Fig tree, which I'm planning to grow in a pot outside in the summer and indoors in the winter.
The heater is on in the greenhouse and the water is up.  The soil is thawing, and I'm working on the planting sheets and today I will get all the new seeds ordered into their respective ziploc bags by planting dates.  I have also booked my first appointment for plant pickup.

Looks like we're in the groove for another season.  Next time I'll post some of the new things I'm trying this year.


  1. I love trying out new things! And the start of the growing season when everything seems possible is so exciting.

    Where in Alberta are you? I would love to come by in the 'real' world and check it out once you are open if you aren't too far away. . .