Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lycopene, Soluble and Insoluble Fiber and all that other Good Stuff

Five days ago, when SIL came to  put in a new furnace, hot water heater and AC. I picked off the slicing cucumbers.  We like English Cucumbers and also regular slicing cucumbers.  I picked 8 nice ones and a bucket of red tomatoes.

Two days later, I picked 31 cucumbers.

Today, three days later, a pailful again (see photo).  Forgot to count.
Along with a huge zucchini (now where did THAT come from), a pail of lovely potatoes for supper , a pail of corn and another pail of ripe tomatoes.

For lunch we had Bruschetta and a huge Greek salad ( had 3 guests for lunch), for supper we had the potatoes, corn, and sliced cucumbers.  And I gave some to the company to take home.
Life is good.

I find myself saying:  "Now where did that come from?" a lot.  Remember when I so proudly posted that my garden was all weeded (was that already almost a month ago?), well, tomorrow I have to weed it again or I won't be able to find things in the garden.  I took one look at those weeds and said:  "Now where did those come from, when I wasn't looking",  I guess the same powers-that-be that are helping the veggies grow so profusely, also created the weeds.  What's good for one is good for the other.
Life is good.

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